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Free call apps to reduce the cost of International Calling

With the advance of technology, easy access to fast internet and businesses expanding globally, more people are leaving the cold weather and the expensive living in the UK and moving abroad. The expat communities in Australia, Southeast Asia, and across Europe are growing with more people looking for better weather, cheaper living and an experience for their families. This can mean that people lose touch with friends and family, due to the costs of calling, and the time it takes to travel.  Time zones mean that communication can be a challenge, but costs are more of an issue. If we can help you to resolve the cost element of communication, would you stay in touch with your friends and family more?

There are several free call apps that reduce the cost of international calls, some use Wifi, some use Mobile Data, and some are on the Mobile Network. Some free call apps require both end users to be on the same app and same network, but many are cross network and do not have this requirement. For the best Free call app so you can continue speaking to your friends and family when they move abroad, keep on reading.

Go Mobile, not WiFi

Calling through the Internet via free call apps can mean choppy quality and intermittent reception, so it is best to look for mobile data or mobile network alternatives. Your friends and family might be travelling and exploring their new country, and the internet is not the same in many countries abroad. Using a free call app to ensure that you stay in contact and know where they are means you will have more peace of mind and they will enjoy their experience even more.

It is a great experience to move abroad, to go on holiday and to explore new places, staying in touch via free call app makes it even better, because the experience can easily be shared with others!

Here are some great free call apps to add to your phone before you go abroad:

  1. Overseas Calling

This free call app provides double coverage. You can get a local number in the country you are visiting or moving to for local support, and you can maintain a phone number from your home country on your mobile phone. Having a local number on this free call app means that you can easily call a taxi, book a restaurant, call the local emergency services, and be contacted by your new group of friends.

Keeping a home country phone number on your mobile phone means that your friends and family can contact you whilst you are away. Staying local and connected to your home friends and family with a free call app means that you have the added security and reassurances that you are staying in touch with those back home.

When you use this free call app you can make and receive unlimited calls plus  you are dialling from a local number, for just the cost of the monthly subscription. This free call app uses mobile technology, so it is not dependent on a WiFi connection, meaning the calls are crystal clear and without latency or interference. If you have a mobile connection, this is a great free call app to use and all without bills or contract!

The country that you are visiting might not have strong and consistent internet, but if they have mobile data, mobile signals and you have battery on your smartphone then, you are good to talk locally, for free, to your friends and family.  In case of an emergency, you are available for your friends, and they are contactable by you.

  • Google Voice

Mainly available in the US and Canada, you can get local numbers and stay in touch with your friends and family through this free call app. Google offer a No Advert version, which also gives you a local number and a business number. You can switch between the numbers when you need and turn off your number when you are no longer at work. 

The voicemail to email option here also means that you can receive transcribed emails with the content of your voicemail messages, so you don’t have to listen to your messages more than once, especially when you are enjoying your new place.

With unlimited calls to US and Canadian numbers if you are staying in the northern hemisphere this is a great free call app to have on your phone, and since it is Google, you know the quality is going to be good.

  • Skype

One of the all-time great free call apps to use. Everyone around the world has heard of or used Skype at some point. You do need to have mobile data or an internet connection to use it, and it is available on iOS and Android with equally good quality.

Video calls, text messages, business use and personal use make this a versatile free call app to use. The video call option means that you can share great experiences with people back home and see the look in their eyes when you show them how happy your new place is making you.

You can add 2 numbers to this service meaning that you can keep a home town number when you are on your travels, and you can keep a business number, so you keep earning whilst living a nomadic lifestyle.  Calls from Skype to Skype are free but adding an extra number for an additional cost means that you can call anyone, from anywhere, from your mobile phone.

  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp is more common in Europe and Southeast Asia and provides group calls, and messages free text messages, simple to use features and disappearing messages in case you don’t want other people to see that you are talking to people. The privacy settings keep communication private and secure; you never know when someone else might be looking at your phone.

You need to have internet or mobile data reception to use this free call app, but the service is free and there are no add-ons to use. You cannot get a new number through this service, so you are restricted to using your home number through the internet, and some countries and public transports block access to this provider, so make sure you do your research before using it.

Taking videos and pictures and sending them to your group of friends means that they can enjoy your new life as much as you are.

  • Viber

More common in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, this free call app is similar to WhatsApp and Skype. Groups can be added, and communities created meaning that you can join events and network in your new home country.

Shops and services use this communication channel to advertise their services and for their customer service, so adding this to your phone will help to book hotels, order at restaurants and network locally. The built in QR Code reader is very helpful in the digital age.

  • TextFree

As the name suggests this is for unlimited text messages however there is a paid upgrade that allows calls through the free call app too. You can text anyone around the world and get a free dedicated number for texting. The younger generation love to text, and whilst you are on the go, you might not want to draw attention to your native language in a new country, so it is good to text.

This free call app allows you to build up credits by watching videos, adverts, and receiving calls and text messages. It is free to receive a call from your friends, so you can text them, ask them to call you and you earn points towards more free minutes. Using this feature wisely reduces the cost of the app and turns it into a free call app for your friends and family.

  • Telegram

One of the safest free call apps to use for communication means that your messages are encrypted from each end user. With group chat, conference calling, screen sharing, and sharing pictures this free call app means that when you are connected to mobile data or the internet, your friends and family are with you too.

Common questions:

Can Free call apps be used for emergency phone calls?

Some can, most cannot, and you need a local number to contact the local authorities.

How private are my calls?

There is never a 100% guarantee that your calls are not monitored, so always check the privacy policy of the free call app to see if they are recording calls, or who they share their data with. Calls can be hacked by national security agencies and calls can be recorded by free call app providers. Your numbers and your contact information for you and your friends might be shared, so if you do not want people to know who you are calling and when, watch your privacy settings and read the opt out section.

Can I use free call apps as a secondary number?

The simple answer is yes. It is common for people using dating sites, or job hunting, or using their phone for verification purposes to have a free call app as a second number. You do not want your main number getting out into the internet, so having a second number that you use for websites, or to give to new people is an excellent safety strategy.  Some of these features allow you to change numbers regularly, so you do not have to worry about that bad date calling you the following day!

Do I need a free call app if I like to chat?

No, you can use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or whatever your friends like to use, and you do not need to use the above free call apps, however, the features listed above are not common on free call apps that everyone uses, especially the secondary number and the local country dialing codes.

What to do next?

Research which free call app works best in your new country and check out your internet speed and connection. If you have low internet speed and a weak connection, you know not to use a free call app that is reliant on the internet or WiFi connection to work! See if the free call app gives you a limited time trial so you can test it. Try to keep your home phone number on your mobile, you never know when an old connection will reach out to you, and keeping that number means that you do not have to change your profile on all the social media accounts, you can keep in touch with your bank, your friends and family, and if you return home, your number returns with you.

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